I was living abroad for a year. Do i need security clearance from there?

Applicants who have resided in another country for more than a 6 month period must also provide an Original Basic Police Disclosure Certificate (dated within the last 6 months & translated into English, if necessary) from that country. Photocopies not accepted.

I have holidays booked, does this affect my application prospects?

Please indicate any holiday leave you have booked during the 1st & 2nd round interview stages.

Will there be part time hours?

Even if the vacancies are for part time hours, the candidates must be available 24/7 as shift patterns will vary.

I can’t work shift hours or weekends. Will there be opportunities to work 9am – 5pm Mon - Fri?

Flexible hours are a requirement of the DAA recruitment campaigns.

I am colour blind. Will this affect my application?

Colour Blindness will preclude you from consideration for security related positions. You can still be considered for other non-security related roles.

I don’t have contact details for my references. Can I still apply?

You must provide relevant contact names and details for all previous employment for the past 5 years. Without this information your application cannot progress.

I have been a fulltime primary carer for a family member for the last few years and don’t have work references. Will this affect my application?

You will need to provide a character references from any of the following; a Solicitor, Priest, Doctor, member of An Garda Siochana, School Principal, or Local TD to whom you are known. This character reference must state that you are of “good character”.

I am finding it difficult to obtain a character reference, what are my other options?

You can get a letter from the Social Welfare stating dates of unemployment. This will be accepted as an alternative to a character reference.

I have penalty points on my licence. Does this affect my application?

No, penalty points do not count as a criminal conviction.

I don’t have a car. Does this affect my application?

Due to the nature of the shift patterns and start times, successful applicants must have their own car.

I have not sat the Leaving Certificate or equivalent. Can I still apply?

Yes, there are no minimum educational requirements.

If successful, will I be employed by the DAA or Flexsource Solutions?

You will be employed by a subsidiary company of the DAA.

Can I apply directly to the DAA?

No, all applications must come through the daa team at Flexsource. Applications made directly to the DAA will not be considered.

How long does the whole application process take?

The length of the process depends on how urgent the requirement is from the DAA. Also, it can take up to 12 weeks for Security Clearance to be approved so this can delay the process.

My GNIB card is due to expire shortly. Will this affect my application?

You must be in possession of a valid GNIB card for the length of contract offered for security clearance purposes.

Am I guaranteed a permanent role after my probationary 1 year contract?

Flexsource Solutions have no input into contract matters and as you will be an employee of the DAA, we are unable to advise on any of these matters.

I have a family member working in the airport. Will this have any bearing on my application prospects?

No, all applicants will be treated fairly and equally.

I have just left school/college. What references do I need?

You will need a letter from you school or college with all the relevant information including dates/years of attendance. You will also need to provide all relevant reference details from any part-time work you undertook whilst at school.

I applied to the DAA last year and was put on a waiting list. Do I need to re-apply?

Yes you will need to re-apply and re-complete the paperwork to ensure your application is up-to date.

If I have a previous unsuccessful application, can I re-apply?

Yes you can re-apply once it has been more than 12 months since you last applied.

Can I apply for more than one position?

Yes, you can apply for any position which you feel you may be suitable for. However, we cannot guarantee there will be a requirement at that time.

Is the 1st meeting with the agency a formal interview?

The 1st round interview is a formal interview.

Can I go to any Flexsource office for interview?

No, all interviews will take place at the Swords branch by strict appointment only. Canvassing will disqualify.

Do I need to have relevant experience in order to apply?

Yes, as per the job specifications.

I’m on a working holiday visa. Can I apply?

No, candidates must either be an EU citizen or a holder of a Stamp 4 on their GNIB card.

I am a Stamp 2 visa holder. Can I apply?

No as these roles will require candidates who are able to work over 20 hours a week.

I study part-time. Will there be flexibility with working hours?

All rosters are set and the DAA will be unable to work around your timetable.

I have a physical disability. Will this affect my application?

The DAA & Flexsource Solutions are both an equal opportunity employer.

I am recently retired but wish to go back to work. Can I apply?

Retirement age is 65 years of age.

Are there any age restrictions on who can apply?

You must be under 65 years of age but over 18 years of age as you will be required to work shift patterns.

I am visually impaired/deaf. Will this affect my application?

No, the DAA is an equal opportunities employer.

My English is basic. Can I still apply?

As these positions involve a high degree of Customer service, you must have fluent English in order to be considered.

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Do I need a 2nd language in order to work at the airport?

No, but a 2nd language would be advantageous.

I have previously worked in security. Does this automatically qualify me for the Passenger Services Team Member positions?

No, this does not automatically qualify you. The Passenger Services positions have different responsibilities and criteria so a comprehensive selection process applies.

Will there be any seasonal work?

No, as the DAA will have requirements at different times during the year, not just in Winter or Summer.

How should I dress for the interview?

The interviews are formal interviews so business attire will be expected.

Will uniforms be provided by the DAA?

Yes, all relevant uniform will be provided.

My school has since closed down since I completed my Leaving Certificate. How can I get my reference letters?

You will have to contact the Department of Education for these details. Please see the Department of Education website at www.education.ie .

I am pregnant/breast feeding or a postnatal mother. How will this affect my application?

Being pregnant/breast feeding or a postnatal mother will have no impact on your application. However, we can only provide safe working conditions if you inform us of you pregnancy or status as a breast feeding or postnatal mother. The standard roles and responsibilities may have an adverse effect on your health, however, we cannot amend these without being provided with this information by you.

I wish to change/add information to my application. How do I do this?

it is important that you have all information relevant to the application process prior to beginning the process.

Can I be sure that you will not contact my current employer for a reference until I have had a chance to inform them myself of my application?

Yes, we will only contact current employers when an offer has been made pending reference checks. However, we will still require all reference details prior to your 1st round interview.

Is there free parking for employees of The DAA?


Are all jobs based at Dublin Airport?

Yes, all jobs will be based in the airport campus.

If my application is not progressed to the interview stage, can I find out the reasons why?

No, due to the high volume of applications we receive, we will be unable to give specific feedback as to why you have not progressed to the next level.

Will the DAA sponsor me for a work visa?

The roles we recruit for do not qualify for the work permit application process. In the event that you require additional information, please look at the Department of Enterprise Trade and Employment website at www.entemp.ie .

If successful, what kind of training regarding safety and emergency protocol will I receive?

Once successful, upon starting your new role, you will complete a comprehensive induction program including orientation and Health & Safety with the DAA.